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OK, well the student did not have the Che shirt on, but was very clearly a dedicated member of the left. He came to my office asking if I had some work for him to do over the summer. I did, in fact, have a little work, but already offered the position to another student – so I had to politely tell him there was nothing available. What I would have loved to have told him was, “while I do have a position available, I do not wish to offer it to you for I do not wish to make you my wage slave.” Would he have thanked me?

3 Responses to “To A Student With a Che Shirt”

  1. priceless opportunity to uncover the hypocrisy of the “cool” left. thanks

  2. Michael says:

    I saw a tagline once that stated: “You cannot spell ‘cliche’ without ‘Che’.”

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