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Here is the whole thing. Below is the “top” 20:


I honestly do not know what to say. 12 of the top 20 “donors” are unions. The top 20 “spent” nearly $600 million during this time. Part of me is shocked at how … little … this amount is, given the trillions of other people’s money they are bidding for. What does this tell you about the “supply” of political favors, if the equilibrium “price” is so low? By the way,”corporations” and unions are not permitted to give money to candidates.

3 Responses to “Modern Progressive Corporatism in 1000 Words”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    And there’s this:

  2. harry says:

    For a moment I was looking for a decimal point.

    Speaking of numbers, I liked Speedmaster’s 125,112,547,653,253,819, which I assume is a prime number. Rounded off, is that $125 trillion? Speedmaster is right in there with Nancy Pelosi, who will be impressed, maybe flutter an eyelash at him.

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