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Compared to 1900, each unit of energy input in the year 2000 provides four times as much useful heat, move a person 550 times farther, provide 50 times more illumination, and produce 12 times as much electricity. And what was the super-duper double secret government program that led to this astounding increase? Let’s just say that it was not born in the brain of a green-jobs czar.

One Response to “Manhattan Project for Green Jobs”

  1. Harry says:

    The Green Jobs folks want expensive energy. They want to make us more humble. They want to vindicate their vision, which is a poorer, fairer world where there will be plenty left around for them to enjoy.

    I’m going to save your statistics somewhere. They are not surprising, although I suspect they may be understated.

    My guess is that the super-duper secret government program was the Manhattan Project, although somewhere I would give credit to the free manufacturers of grease and ball bearings. Some credit should go to John Locke and James Madison, too.

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