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Interesting Goal

The “heterodox” department of economics at Notre Dame is being disbanded. When I went to their site to learn more about them, I was absolutely thrilled to see this as a goal of the department:

Interested in devising effective policies.

Really! Congratulations. And here I thought that academics and policymakers had as a goal to craft ineffective policies. I should be less sensitive to this – but doesn’t putting this out there imply that there is some evil, vast conspiracy by those in power (presumably non-heterodox departments) and those behind the scenes to craft ineffective policies? I can think of no other reason to write this directly as the goal of the department. In case you need to classify me, I probably would fit into a somewhat “heterodox” mold, but these folks at ND have no love for the economics of folks like me. Another problem with labeling.

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  1. Harry says:

    There are the sub-Saharan-African economists, who favor not watering fairways, and the classical economists, who prefer to let the people who own the fairways and water to decide whether to water the rough and let it grow as much as it will.

    Glad to see you have come out as a heterodoxical, which I assume means playing the ball as it lies.

    How many Mulligans are we willing to give to these doofuses?

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