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Who is “They”?

Art Carden points us to this:

Beyond the obvious, I would ask, “this is the best Moore can deliver?”  But better yet, listen to his homily half-way through … he is livid, livid, that unicorns don’t exist. Free health care! Free education (schools used to dole out the money) … and too bad you have to work, work! just to earn a living … and if you have an English literature degree you can’t pursue your dream of traveling for the next two years of your life. The shame and horror.

Think about what he is saying.

2 Responses to “Who is “They”?”

  1. Mark says:

    The Whole thesis of the movie is therefore dead….

    I love it when he gives his vision of society, where workers own the means of production, which he calls “Democracy in the workplace” which is just a simple euphemism for Marxism. What he advocates is far left of the already corporate-socialist-welfare system we have in place. he also gets chopped by Hume’s guillotine becuase he never stresses how this system could be put in place, which to me could only “effectively” be put in place by violent revolution, ahem, akin to the Russian revolution.

    Case and Point, Moore is a fat idiot.

  2. Econobran says:

    Wow, this guy really makes my blood boil. He’s not very intelligent and he constantly contradicts himself. He doesn’t like “greedy capitalists.” He also said Americans hate paying taxes because their government doesn’t do anything for them. So what does he want to do? Give the government more control! Free this, free that. We should definitely make the top-earners in society pay for the less fortunate members of society. It’s not fair that some people’s skills earn them far more money than other people. We need redistribution! False, false, false. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that sums it up well: Spread my work ethic, not my wealth.

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