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The discussion continues to devolve:

A prominent environmental blogger has attacked us. A well-known environmental-advocacy group pressured NPR into reading a statement critical of the book at the end of an interview I had given on Scott Simon’s Weekend Edition show. Even Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong got in on the action before they’d even read the book.

The critics are implying that we dismiss any threats from global warming; but the entire point of our chapter is to discuss global-warming solutions, so obviously that’s not the case.

That’s how it is in the Age of Change. I can’t wait for an issue that is near and dear to the alarmists to devolve into similar lunacy.  Each and every day I live, I am more skeptical of the GW claims. And I used to be a fairly alarmist when I first read the science. Now I have little faith in any of the books being uncooked.

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  1. Harry says:

    Gordon Brown said a day or two ago that we have fifty days (is it 47 days now?) to save the planet. That may be a loose paraphrase, but he meant that unless we don’t do the deed in Copenhagen, pretty soon everybody in London will have to buy galoshes and start rolling up their pants.

    Or, in other words, unless we all agree to a world government scheme to tax the product of combustion, which the United States does a lot of much more irresopnsibly than the Europeans do (who will be left off the hook) or the rest of the non-capitalist folks do in Asia or Africa, England might not only be submerged, but might run out of money.

    One thing you can bet on: if anything is enacted, they will take credit for any good weather, and will blame all bad weather on their not doing enough.

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