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In Inside Higher Ed:

Facing furloughs and decimation of academic budgets, Berkeley faculty are dismayed to learn of university loans to fill multimillion-dollar deficits in athletics department — on top of annual subsidies.

Abstracting from sovereignty issues, does anyone at Berkeley not appreciate that if stupid loans and millions of dollars of subsdies are bad for the academic mission of their fine university, then ought these same individuals not see the same stupidity in the myriad government loans and subsidies that were prominently featured during this “subprime” crisis, and throught the rest of our economic times?

I actually like that this is happening at Berkeley. Because I like to see stupid policy applied consistently and everywhere. Maybe then and only then will people get their heads out of the clouds about what is good and what is not good policy. I doubt it, but I can hope, can’t I? After all, this is the era of hop — or so I am told.

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