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Newborn baby AND her six siblings seized from a mother because the mother is beating them, drugging them, impoverishing them, making them smoke, prostituting them, imprisoning them, obese.

That’s not a joke. Ok, so we won’t get death panels (we will), we’ll get these instead. What will they take Amelia and Isaac from me for? Teaching them that it is impolite to stick a gun in your neighbor’s face and force them to do things they do not like? Teaching them that their first instinct should be to be suspicious of legislation? Teaching them that exchange > sharing? Teaching them that they should suffer when they make bad choices? Letting them have a sip of beer?

HT: Walter Olsen at Overlawyered.

2 Responses to “This Gives New Meaning to “Weight Watchers””

  1. azmyth says:

    They aren’t even that fat! In America they would be considered average. The article listed the 12 year old girl as 12 stones (140 lbs), but I had a kid in my middle school class who was over 300. In any case, this is a frightening case of interventionism.

  2. Harry says:

    Clearly azmyth a good-hearted gentleman.

    I find this situation repulsive. My only disagreement with your reply is that it is too mild.

    Best wishes to you and Wintercow.

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