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Only in America

… can there be a perceived shortage of medical practitioners (rising wages and salaries of the privileged cartel seems to indicate this), and only in America can there be a push to get more people into the formal health care sector, and only in America can a downturn in the economy increase the demand by students to attend college and medical school …

… and medical schools reduce enrollments or shut down altogether. Hey, maybe relying on the state and federal government dole to run your programs isn’t such a hot idea? Hey, maybe trying to run your place more like a for-profit enterprise instead of some playground for a few privileged folks would prevent these sorts of things. I repeat, only when government is involved are increases in demand deemed horrible things.

And what will the “solution” be? More public schools? More state funding? Limits on enrollment? Tighter restrictions on who can practice medicine?

We need more of this.

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