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The Government University at Binghamton is cutting back on its nursing program. It must be the case that there is no interest in nursing, and that there is not some big national crisis about the state of health care in America. Therefore, there is no need to keep such wasteful programs around when you could be funding so many other important things.

Yep, keep funding the school of education, which enrolls students who can’t make the grades in serious academic departments and who go on to destroy the public school systems around America. There should be no schools of education.

Yep, keep funding the “College of Community and Public Affairs” because we need more people to choose work in public administration and the non-profit sector.

Yep, keep funding the Asian and American Studies Department.

Yep, keep funding the Judaic Studies Department.

Yep, keep funding Women’s Studies, Anthropology, Medieval Studies, Sociology, Cinema (yes, you can major in movies at your government schools), etc.

I’ll repeat what I say time and again. Only in government are increases in demand viewed as PROBLEMS and not opportunities. Only in government do leaders threaten (or actually do it) to cut their most valuable programs and not their least valuable ones when there is a problem. For comparison sake, what would your family do if your income fell by 20% – would you trade in your house for a tent, or would you downsize your cellphone and cable TV packages? Would you drop your car, or would you eat out a little bit less?And only in government do customers not even get the option of paying more just to receive the services.

If the nursing program is such a drain on GUNY Binghamton, yet there are 6 times more applicants than there are positions available and if nursing salaries are on the rise because of an increased demand for them nationwide, what is wrong with allowing students to pay for the program? This same thing is happening all around. Our local community college, who the Commander in Speech celebrates as being essential to get people the skills to advance in the 21st century economy, offers something like 50 seats in its nursing program although there are over 300 applicants for it each year. But if you want to take Developmental Psych courses and learn about how modern society (i.e. freedom and capitalism) are destroying the youth of today, well, there’s plenty of space and money for you there.

Get the government out of the schooling business. Get the government out of the health care field. Get the government out of your lives. Or, do you like your hard earned income being used to support Cinema studies majors rather than training medical professionals?

3 Responses to “GUNY Binghamton Keeps Cinema Studies and Women’s Studies, but Slashes Nursing Programs”

  1. Harry says:

    Geez, I wish they had cinema studies way back when, especially during the spring semester. Isn’t that the same as Developmental Psych?

    Are you trying to tell us that our government masters make wrong decisions?

  2. jb says:

    This story also highlights another problem. Note that the school is introducing a doctoral program in nursing. The trend in medicine is toward ever higher barriers to entry when it comes to staffing. For physical therapists a bachelor’s degree will no longer cut it, a master’s is required typically, and the trend there is for doctoral too, believe it or now.

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