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… and K12 education … so why should health care be any different?

ObamaCare’s real cost-control plan boils down to this: First subsidize coverage so much that costs explode, raise taxes as much as possible to pay for it, and when that isn’t enough hand power to an unelected committee to limit treatment and control prices by government order. This is what Democrats are voting for.

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One Response to “It’s Already Happened in Higher Education …”

  1. Harry says:

    Back in high school in the early 60’s the national debate topic was federal aid to education. As budding sophists, we prepared answers for both sides, but even then, being a rebellious type I never could get my heart into federal aid for anything, assuming I fully appreciated what “federal” meant.

    Our debate coach happened to be a graduate of the Naval Academy, though, and we were lucky to have someone who was not educated at a state teachers’ college, like Kutztown.

    Only much later would I appreciate the effects of state or federal aid to any educational establishment, and the reason why teachers on the public payroll wanted ever more money spent.

    Nobody back then anticipated the leviathan that our educational system has become. I hope as a professor you will be able to dodge those five- or six-figure bullets when your kids matriculate.

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