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One Response to “Better Than Schoolhouse Rock”

  1. Harry says:

    It is all the fault of liberals from Amherst College.

    OK, Summercow will not blame Wintercow for all the world’s troubles, but you have to admit that Arthur Schlenginger’s dream has come true. The blame is widespread, south, northwest, and especialy east northeast.

    Tomorrow when the vote is cast I will be raking my yard, planting grass and using the last bags of fertilizer I will be permitted to buy or use on my so-called property. Before I plant the grass, I will use my aerator, which is still allowed by the township.

    This is all about natural rights. Even if you do not believe that they are God-given, don’t you believe they were granted when our forebears fought over the waterhole? Is the King, or the state, the god who lays claim to power over us? Will the powerful rule?

    Wintercow should know I used a rhetotical “you” in my question.

    Best wishes to Wintercow and his herd.

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