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Commander in Deceit

President Obama:

If you like your health insurance, you can keep it …

this health reform plan will be deficit neutral.

Today I learned this about the most totally awesome health care plan to save America:

It includes … a ban on using funds from flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements or health savings accounts for the cost of over-the-counter medications, starting in 2011.

Liar. I have an HSA and I like using my saved funds to buy medicines. So, he was right about being able to keep the program you have if you like it, until he makes it illegal. By the way, notice what such a provision does – it is a great big fat large tax increase. People used to be able to buy these OTC medicines with tax advantaged savings, now they will be forced to pay for them with after tax dollars. How many provisions like it are stuffed into this bill in order to give it the appearance of deficit neutrality? And lo and behold, yet another tax increase that he does not have to call a tax increase.

But of course, I am just a whiny tea party supporter out on the fringes of society. I have no right to call the dude on his lies. The best part for him is that all I get to do is call him a liar all the while he sticks his grasping hands into my pockets. Fringe I tell you, finding such a situation oppressive makes me a fringe lunatic. Hah!

3 Responses to “Commander in Deceit”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    To be fair, are you forgetting to take into account the fact that all of our costs will go down by $2500/year under ObamaCare? 😉

  2. Harry says:

    Speedmaster is right.
    The bad news is your heating bill will go up when we get cap-and trade, when the federal government mints all those CO2 permits.

    Question: suppose each permit is worth $50. How is that different from the government printing $50 dollar bills willy nilly?
    Or, how big will our wheelbarrow have to be to carry enough fifties/fifty-dollar permits to buy a loaf of bread?

    Wintercow is well-equipped to answer this, since not only is he an economist, but also a mathematician.

    Extra credit: if Helmut wheels his barrow to the bakery at four miles an hour, how many extra fifties will he need if the bakery,five miles away, is closed, and the next bakery is another mile, assuming the currency is depreciating seven percent every three hours?

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