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Wisdom from Don Boudreaux. If teachers (and I agree with them) argue that many forms of merit pay are unreasonable because dozens of things outside of teachers’ control influence learning, then how can supporters of public schooling so vociferously argue about the justice, necessity and value of public schooling itself? How can they justify an increase of real expenditures by a factor of 6 over the past 30 years (real prices have only tripled over that time) and how can they justify local public schooling monopolies and confiscatory property tax schemes?

4 Responses to “She Teaches Me, She Teaches Me Not, She Teaches Me …”

  1. Whose in a deeper hole? America debt or the Montreal Canadians? says:

    My sister just became a teacher in Canada. She was offered to jobs:

    1) Teaching english at a private school in a nice neighborhood to grade 3 students….in other words, her dream job.

    2) Teaching English at a public school to highschool drop outs in their mid 20 to late 30’s, all of whom are there by court order.

    Her Choice: Option #2! The public school offered her 40% more than the private. She had no realistic choice. And no, she wasn’t being offered more because one job is harder than the other, she was offered the standard entry wage at both schools regardless of who she was teaching. I wonder how teacher’s unions justify the 40% higher wage for their members vs private teachers….

  2. Harry says:

    To all Wintercow fans: I think he’ s hiking; my guess is Yosemite, but it may also be Mike Jackson’s estate, or somewhere in central California with a herd of Holsteins.

    I hereby give Wintercow an excuse to be off. I’m embarassed to post this. All economic news junkies should give him a week off.

  3. Harry says:

    Best wishes, Speedmaster. Tomorrow I’m playing golf. Tell Mike he can get off his blog.

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