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Tax the Vintners!

Orley Ashenfelter and Karl Storchmann find that German vintners would enjoy a 30% increase in revenues if temperatures increased by 1 degree Celsius. They must be secretly pumping lots of CO2 into the atmosphere.

2 Responses to “Tax the Vintners!”

  1. Harry says:

    But what effect will it have on the candlemakers? Or the vintners in Bordeaux, mon Wintercow.

  2. SusanC says:

    Actually, I do a bit of research in wine, and I can tell you there’s a lot of writing about the winners and losers in climate change. In general the French are losing, but UK and Canadian vintners will benefit from warming. English sparkling wine is getting respect these days, and French champagne houses are buying up land on the other side of the Channel.

    But then, remember that the British Isle was home to vineyards from Roman times until the medieval mini ice age.

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