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Wesley Mouch Alert

Coyote exposes Andy Stern and the “changey left Progressives” for the bloviating buffoons they really are.

Here is a sample:

I am not sure I have ever heard anyone sound more like a scabby beauracrat in Atlas Shrugged.  Can you believe this dweeb along with Barrack and the gang who can’t shoot straight taking credit for the transformatoin of the economy?  As if these guys have anything to do with the rise of new industries and technologies, except to make their birth and growth more difficult through strangling regulation and taxes.

Keep in mind yesterday’s post as you read this.

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  1. M R says:

    I’m wondering if you’ve read the book “Aftershock” by the Weidemers.

    Just wondering if I should spend valuable timing reading it. I went back and forth with every review I read.

    Thanks for you time.

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