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The Limits to Voting

All that voting allows us to do is to make a choice among lemons vying for the right to exercise force over the rest of us. Voting is not a true expression of choice in a democracy because it does not permit us to cast our ballot in favor of “no one.” In other words, we are all engaging in a secular religious ceremony no more ludicrous than the ones made fun of here every first Tuesday of November.

Voting does not permit any of us to oppose the very idea of political control. And simply refusing to go to the voting booth is not the same as choosing to not be controlled. I’d like to see an argument in a group rape case use the same logic. “Well, she had the option of not voting for either of the two men from raping her.” Is that analogy too tasteless? Well, what if I didn’t vote in my school budget election, would that prevent the authorities from confiscating my property every year? Or to make the analogy a little better – you might say that not voting in my school budget election (I did, and was soundly defeated by the wealthier statists) at least my disapproval was recognized. Well, tell that to the rape victim. “Sorry maam you were raped, but at least it is on record that you were not a big fan of that happening.”

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