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More from RW Grant’s Incredible Bread Machine:

Private protection is a $20 billion per year industry. Two out of every three uniformed police officers work for private companies. Burns, Wells Fargo, Pinkerton and Wackenhut each command forces of over 30,000 people.

And their primary function is to protect property and persons … not to make arrests.

The trend in private protection is toward technology not firepower.

A Memphis based company with 5000 employees, Guardsmark, Inc. has 99% unarmed guards and eses the fact as a marketing device. “Guards don’t need weapons. They are more a threat and menace to society by having a gun … we have walkie-talkies, closed-circuit cameras, electronic fences, bullet-proof glass, card-key systems. We really don’t need to be armed.”

I’d remind you that some of the safest places in America happen to be those with little or no armed public police presence. Think about college campuses and shopping malls for example.

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