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BP’s spill is known to have killed just over 1,300 birds so far. Just one wind farm, at Altamont Pass in California, was until recently known to kill perhaps 1,300 birds of prey every year.

That was from Matt Ridley. I called the Audubon Society to ask about another serious peril to birds … cats. Can you guess how many birds are killed by cats each year? Hint: the number absolutely swamps ANY other thing that might be causing birds harm – and is orders of magnitude greater than the worst (and often unfounded) chemical fears such as DDT. Where is the outcry?

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: Oil Spill Edition”

  1. Harry says:

    You mean from the birds or the cats?

  2. Evan says:

    A cat lady in my town used to keep nearly 30 outdoor (essentially feral) cats. Studies have shown that some of these cats can kill up to 1000 migratory songbirds and small rodents a year. If each of these cats caught even 100 birds a year, that is over double the bird death toll of the BP spill, and that is only one of the many cat ladies in the US. OUTRAGE!!!

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