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Here is a quote from the son of the (then) leader of the Communist world, Nikita Kruschev (who ruled the USSR from 1953 to 1964 following the terror of Stalin):

I had tried and failed to understand what exactly communism was…. I had tried to get Father to shed light on the nature of communism, but did not get any intelligible answer then either. I understood that he was not very clear about it himself.

That was from his book, Nikita Kruschev. If the leader of the Red world hadn’t a clue what Communism was, what of the millions of bureaucrats, and what of the modern Progressives who have inherited this worldview (absent the overt tyranny)? I have come to understand that egalitarianism and its naissant political manifestations are nothing but fancy but weak edifices to suit the self-interests of the power hungry and the intellectual elites (after all, someone has to do the hard work of dictating to us how to live). Of course, my classical liberal edifice is also serving my self-interest, but at least my self-interest is compossible with the natural rights of humanity.

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