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Suppose you had to pick between these two alternatives (I think only my classical liberal readers have a dog in this fight). Under each of these alternatives, the total “involvement” of government in the economy and your life in general was 40%.

  1. Living in a world where the government was 40% involved in everything. In other words, 40% of every industry, job, relationship, whatever, had something to do with government.
  2. Living in a world (this is impossible by the way) where government controlled 100% of every aspect of “only” 40% of our lives, and had no involvement whatever on the other 60%?

My knee-jerk response would be #2, but I am not sure that makes sense. More on this in a future weekend post.

2 Responses to “Death is Not an Option, a New Series”

  1. Harry says:

    Wintercow is a funny guy.

    I would choose number one, under the premise that we might have the opportunity to fight. If government controlled all of forty percent of the most productive forty and sent it to hell, as it surely would, then the next forty would be a piece of cake to send to hell too. As Bob Reich and Paul Krugman remind us, don’t forget the 1.5 multiplier.

  2. Harry says:

    Unless you live in Oklahoma, government already controls over forty percent of everything, and I am not so sure about Oklahoma. Wintercow should have postulated a bigger number. But my eye is on our Township Manager.

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