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Kate Sebellius in today’s Wall Street Journal in response to attacks (justified in my view) on her for massively violating the rule of law:

In the mid-1960s, for example, some claimed Medicare would put our country on the path to socialism.

Well, I wasn’t around in the 60s, but does the evidence on Medicare raising health costs by 50% and putting us on the path to sovereign debt default not count for anything? Don’t read the rest of the piece, it is the typical cover your arse piece that completely sidesteps the real arguments levied by serious opponents of what she is doing. For instance, her response to criticisms of her interventions in the health insurance markets is, “you jackasses do not know what you are supporting.” And then she follows it up with a bunch of baby-hugging anecdotes from her days back on the campaign trail, and a bunch of “everybody knows” sort of stuff. It really is tiresome.

I would politely ask Ms. Sebellius why it is the case that insurance companies are able to run wild with no accountability. Is it really that they were unregulated before she and Superman came in to save the day? I wonder what the state insurance commissioners in all 50 states have been doing all these years?

And then the typical politico-speak to end it all:

In the meantime, we’re going to keep standing up for American families and small business owners who deserve a system that works for them.

Right, well she sure as hell ain’t standing up for my family. I guess I am not American. And maybe the system that works for me is no system at all.



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  1. Harry says:

    Kathleen is keeping a list, not unlike Madame Defarge.

    I know it’s a microeconomic anectdote, but did you know that Medicare requires a signature for UPS shipments of infusion sets (devices you hook up to your body to deliver insulin)?

    Who but the government could have dreamed this up?

    If they were paying the whole bill, perhaps one would bow submissively, but a) “THEY” are not paying anything, if “they” are the government; they are sending the Rizzo family’s money to pay, and b) private insurance, freely purchased, pays a big share, too. What a great system.

    But never mind, the intention is pure. Who knows what kind of a black market might arise for infusion sets.

    These are the sort of hoops we all will have to jump through under government-run health care. Some of those hoops will be ablaze, as in the Circus Maximus, and Kathleen Sibelius will be there, dressed in her purple robe, to give her verdict with her imperial thumb.

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