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Now, at age 36, I am at a stage of intellectual development that I should have had as a 22 year old. In other words, all of the stuff you read on this site is really of no better quality than any well-educated person in the old Western tradition would have been able to produce 60 years ago.

Even if my alma mater had a real curriculum (it was totally open) I think my high school education was so utterly horrendous that I would not have been able to appreciate a good college education had it been rammed down my throat. And our school was regarded as being pretty good.

Do I get any points for being honest about it?

3 Responses to “What I Think of My Formal $100,000+ Education”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Same here, except I just turned 40. 😉

  2. Harry says:

    Ha, ha, Speedmaster.

    Wintercow, if you mean how foolish you were when you were fifteen years ago, welcome to the club. Don’t worry, it will get worse. But the dumber you get, the golf gets better. At least for anyone who is not an economics perfesser.

  3. Harry says:

    And watch out how you deprecate your esteemed blog. We, or at least I, find your blog stimulating. While there is no red dot on your map in Caracas, some of us appreciate unbroken windows.

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