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One of our two local (and very good, high spending) high schools has these two great features:

  1. Social emotional learning. You can even file social conflict reports. I was captain of the football team in high school, and I stand 5’4″ and was still subject to all kinds of “abuse” from my teammates. I think I survived. I’d sometimes come out of the shower to find my locker taped up tighter than a rusty screw in an old machine. And yes, my teammates had fun making fun of each other’s “junk.” I think we all turned out OK.
  2. They teach classes on Cosmetology. Nothing wrong with learning a vocational skill of course. But I’d remind readers that the school operates in an area that is among the most highly taxed in the nation, the population of students attending this school come from a town with an average family income of $100,000 and the school is already spending over $18,000 per student to educate its students. And I’ve worked with several of their graduates. They cannot write. If I see another essay that starts with, “It is important to note that …” or that is a running stream of googled expressions, I will tear my hair out (hence, the need for the Cosmetology classes).

2 Responses to “This Week’s Sign of the Economic Apocalypse”

  1. Harry says:

    That form for reporting bullying anonymously is scary, not too far from the Young Pioneers reporting infidelity to Fidel. The school depends on that system functioning perfectly. Dear Freddie does a few revolutions in his grave.
    What I was feeling is that it is important to note that the skill sets of the guidance counselors have to be totally together in their appreciation for Dewey, and that they should have to be required to take alot of courses at Oswego State, which costs alot of money, and no wonder it costs alot of money, which Perfesser Rizzo should feel good about, why is he upset. Chill.

  2. Harry says:

    So you have issues with the school, and hair issues, right?

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