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This from a school district that cannot graduate more than 50% of its students:

In the Rochester City School District, students can get every test question wrong. They can skip every day of school. They can do no homework. But they will automatically get a grade of 50 percent.

The district has never made the grading policy public. Teachers have quietly complained about it for at least a few years. 13WHAM News obtained written evidence of the directive this week, when the district’s Office of Accountability sent teachers a Power Point presentation instructing them how to override grades to make sure the minimum score on report cards is 50 percent.

Story is here. Thanks to the ever informative and interesting Chris M.

2 Responses to “Maybe They Can Lie About Their Graduation Rates Too!”

  1. Greg V. says:

    At my school we give out grades that range 0-100. However, I’ve heard lots of chatter from veteran teachers in support of an F and 65-100 range. The fact is, if you fail, you fail. It doesn’t matter if you have a 4% or a 64%, you did not meet even the minimum requirements so you do not pass the class. I haven’t really thought hard about the impacts of a system like this, but I’d be interested to hear a more thorough discussion about its impacts.

  2. Speedmaster says:

    Thank you, Sir, for the kind words! 😉

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