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Bob Higgs is famous for listing in glorious detail some of the absurd rules and regulations that are on the statute books in this country. Now, Coyote, via Radley Balko, does him one better: it is freaking unbelievable that we allow some loser bureaucrats to get away with his, and even worse that they have the authority to deny you a passport. Now, those of us who hate the government cannot even exit the country if we don’t remember things like where out mothers went for their prenatal visits. I think my mother went to the grocery store to buy cigarettes.

OK, so this absurdity is only for folks that lost their birth certificate. It’s still absurd.

Check the whole thing out here. Here’s a glimpse:

One Response to “This Week’s Sign of the Economic Apocalypse”

  1. Harry says:

    The application would be easy for a thirteen-year-old slacker to fill out.

    Hmm. The State Department issues passports. Was this Hillary’s idea? Reverse Motor Voter?

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