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And then they came for the lemonade stands:

First, the basics: On Thursday, the first day of the Open, a cameraman from WUSA (Channel 9) captured a county inspector attempting to shut down a roadside stand manned by a half-dozen adorable children. They didn’t have a vendor’s permit, the inspector informed the moms. The result? A $500 ticket.

I love that the kids were planning on donating half their proceeds to a pediatric cancer center. Here is more:

Hughes said the goal of county policy is to protect the suburban neighborhood from becoming a humming, street-side marketplace of illegal vendors like you might see outside another sports venue that lures hundreds of thousands of spectators. The vendor laws “don’t distinguish whether it’s little kids selling lemonade or if it’s some adults doing it for profit,” she said.

I don’t care if after two days and hundreds of vitriolic letters that the county finally “let them” continue selling lemonade. They are the problem.

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  1. Rod says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the USGA itself didn’t sic the feds on the lemonade stand.

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