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Our (now closed down) organization was able to have a reading group last semester in part due to about $7,000 worth for funding from a Koch supported charity. We accepted that money so that we could plot, every Sunday evening, how to take over America, so that each and every one of us could get loaded. Maybe there’s something to it – one of our best students is taking her talents to become a public school teacher.

Scoot ahead to the last 30 seconds:

Per usual, we sadly must disclose that not only was Wintercow not paid as part of this effort, he probably lost money as a result.

3 Responses to “I Am a Fundamentally Mean Person Who Hates America”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Maddow et al. are living proof that someone can have a great deal of formal education, and still be horribly ignorant. I shudder when I think that people watch this nonsense for their “news.”

  2. Michael says:

    I like pushing old people off cliffs in my spare time! (No, I’m not serious for those who think I truely am evil.)

  3. Harry says:

    Hahaha, Speedmaster and Michael.

    Those mischievous Midwesterners.

    My consulting did many projects for the Bradleys and the Pritzgers. They had a selfish interest in having their businesses prosper.

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