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A treasured comment from a recent post hinted at this: while riding in Air Force One, the President lambasted the horribleness of “giving” tax subsidies to the manufacturers of corporate jets.

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  1. Harry says:

    A rolling, rolling ROTFL. Tell it to Kathleen Sibelius’s Wichita girlfriends from Cessna. She rides in a Gulfsteam Five. Screw the peons who go to work in their Citations that can land in flyover country, which includes Rochester and Syracuse, which you may fly over on your way to London.

    George Herbert Walker Bush was the first president to travel by jumbo 747 planes. He excoriated Ronald Reagan for voodoo economics. He was consistent.

  2. It is true that the automobile executives should have driven to Washington DC. However, PR aside, small jets in particular and private aviation in general save millions of dollars in executive time. The reference to the Cessna Citation is cogent. We all know Cessna and Piper. The Eclipse family of jets from Albuquerque, and the Honda Jet from Greensboro, are highly efficient, highly effective new technologies.

    Dragging out the depreciation over seven years may or may not be a critical point in the decision process for every buyer. The deeper problem is that the government grants and declines such favors with its powers to write laws without regard for objective standards of justice — if such are even possible with taxation.

    This industry wins a favor; that one loses something. What is the basis for judgment?

    Why do “businesses” get to write-off jets, while homeowners cannot write off lawn mowers? What is the essential distinguishing characteristic?

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