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From the American Economic Association (note: I allowed my membership to expire a few years ago):

ALERT: Amendments may be offered to disproportionately reduce funding for the National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) Sciences Directorate when NSF’s 2012 Appropriation is voted on by the full U.S. House of Representatives in August. Although the NSF budget for economics is small (in FY2010 SBE’s Economics Program budget was $26.5 million out of a total NSF budget of $7 billion), eliminating it would have negative consequences for economic research. But we are not objecting to cuts in economic research that are proportionate to the sacrifices being asked of other sciences. For more information see http://www.cossa.org/advocacy/Protecting_NSF_SBE_Sciences.shtml.
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4 Responses to “In My Inbox”

  1. Frmryllwjckt says:

    I hope this blog’s funding doesn’t get cut. If it does, you could smear yourself with whipped cream and try to get some moolah from the NEA. Heck, you could do the whipped cream idea just for fun.

  2. Michael says:

    I can see the letter to the congressmen now:
    The AEA is a group of X concerned economists (of which you’ll be counted as one, heck, they’d probably count Keynes as a member) who strongly oppose a cut to funding economic research that is out of proportion to those being asked of other sciences…

  3. Harry says:

    Pigs to the trough.

    That is not the same as Off the Pigs, as Patty Hearst and Cinque might say.

    On an unrelated question, I would like to ask Wintercow whether he thinks a threatened QE3 will have a beneficial effect on the economy, if indeed another half trillion dollars appear (get printed) somewhere soon.

    You can ask your brother, but I am not so sure he will have a wiser answer.

    However, if Ben Bernanke embarks on an adventure buying five- or ten-year treasurys yielding hardly anything, would you trust him trading for your own account?

    In my book, a few trillion is a lot of money. I hope the next time I get to buy Wintercow a simple libation it will not cost twenty bucks.

    I, however, can always go local, offering a glass of water from my well, assuming I have electricity. If I do not have electricity, then I guess I will have to go local somewhere else, where I can recharge the phone, assuming the phone works there, or anywhere.

  4. chuck martel says:

    ” National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) Sciences Directorate”, once a key part of the Soviet scientific apparatus, moved over to the US in 1992 and continues its important mission.

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