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Here is perhaps my favorite line from the previously linked United Nations Environment Program Green Jobs Report”

Bicycles and modern bicycle rickshaws offer a sustainable alternative and create employment in manufacturing and transportation services.

Here is a modern bicycle rickshaw.

Here is a funny Seinfeld episode.

Here is a fish cupcake.

2 Responses to “A Peek at the UNEP Report”

  1. Harry says:

    A glimpse of Progressive progress.

    Pat Toomey, before he was elected Senator, commented on a radio program, “They want us all to ride bicycles,” and Arlen Specter’s campaign responded by calling him an extreme right-winger.

    Well, the UN wants us all to ride bicycles and be driven by ricksha drivers, if we selfishly want to go from point a to b on our own schedule, even if you live in Nebraska or Montana.

    The best place to start mandating human-powered transportation would be New York State. I propose a tunnel system, eliminating grades and the problem of weather, especially between Binghamton and Rochester, and the treacherous ride from Rochester to Buffalo. Think of the savings in sand and salt and heavy equipment to keep the roads clear. New Yorkers, not Frenchmen, would win all the big bike races, and New York City rickshaw drivers would win all of the short races, which would feature both strategy and raw power.

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