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Policing for Profit

Just imagine how a “free-market” police and court system would destroy our rights! They’d probably impose ghastly rules on us like, “if a crime occurs on your property, the corporation can seize the property as if the property itself were a criminal.” And then when seized, it will not compensate you, the innocent owner, and then it will sell the property to line its corporate coffers.

Just imagine.

I just hate it when people fight for the old dead ideas. We need new ones. I am sure these folks will be on the scene to protest.

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  1. I noticed the tag here. “Anarchy” is such an ugly word. Despite claims by Ayn Rand in particular, gleaned perhaps from John Stuart Mill, but known perhaps best from the works of Max Weber, policing is not a primary function of government. The word “police” appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. The first police force was the London Metropolitan in 1829; and few cities in America had police until after the Civil War. Yet, we clearly had government.

    Jane Jacobs pointed out that when Guardians and Traders mix their modes, corrupt practices are inevitable.

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