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I certainly agree with some of your concerns about the cozy relationship between Wall Street and DC is problematic. So, pray tell, when will you stage your demonstration outside of Solyndra and General Electric and all of the other “private” companies getting boatloads of subsidies, loan guarantees, use mandates and other goodies from our masters in DC? Is it cool when “green” capitalists get the same treatment as the Wall Street people? A lot of what I am hearing is, “well, you bailed out Wall Street, so why aren’t you bailing US out too?”

That strikes me as an awful line of argument. I’ll maintain this position until I see the Occupy the Green Street movement arise.

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  1. Harry says:

    Part of the effort is to point the finger away from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as if banks in general were the sole actors in securitizing toxic loans. This is not to say that the participants understand or care about CDO’s; most of them are there to party, justifying their behavior by saying they are there for whatever noble reason they can find, however incoherent. As James Carville observed, it’s all about sex.

    I do agree with Wintercow’s sentiments about crony capitalism, of which there is so much to criticize. GE sickens me with the direction it has gone, for many reasons.

    One of many reasons is that after December 31, incandescent light bulbs will become illegal to sell in the US. We will be able to buy the coily bulbs manufactured in China by GE. Our masters in Washington have said this will be good for us, because we will recoup the costs in reduced electric bills, assuming an increase in cost per kilowatt hour from solar panels produced by the Chapter 11 successor to Solyndra.

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