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The Venture Capitalists in DC are predicting 500,000 Volts sold by the year 2015 (out of a total of 1 million). The WSJ reported that in July, a grand total of … 125 Volts were sold. Even then, GM only hoped to produce 10,000 last year and 60,000 this year, so we are told that in 2012, 13 and 14 a total of 430,000 Volts will be sold.

2 Responses to “Fun Facts to Know and Tell: DC VC Edition”

  1. Harry says:


    You do not need Excel to figure this one out. Even the penny stockbrokers can add and subtract, and know when to avoid talking about numbers.

    As far as the Washington venture capitalists go, a question: how many Solyndra solar panels are required to power a Volt from Topeka to Laramie, and would it be cheaper to charter a plane?

  2. Mike says:

    I half to laugh at two things, that anyone thinks electric vehicles will reduce consumption of oil and that there is a market for a car that will go several 10’s of miles and then need to charge up for 12 hours.

    And then to give a tax credit for the purchase! These will only be second or third cars for well off families. No one could have an electric car, at least in the current state of technology, as a primary vehicle.

    Finally, I used to live in Minnesota and I know you’re in Rochester. I remember that batteries are slow to discharge (part of the reason cars are hard to start when cold) when it is very cold. Do these things even work in the winter? I’m sure someone can set me straight.

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