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Food safety nanny-staters in New Jersey’s soup kitchens:

This the men and women of the Community Soup Kitchen have provided for 26 years, not once missing a day. Now comes a challenge greater than any snowstorm or power outage. Earlier this year, the Morristown Division of Health ruled that henceforth the soup kitchen would be considered a “retail” food establishment under New Jersey law.

Most obvious is the higher cost: at least $150,000 more a year.

Much of this cost results from a new prohibition on people donating food they’ve prepared at home. For those on the giving end, often this was the only way they could participate, so eliminating their contributions means eliminating volunteers. For those on the receiving end, it means no more homemade meat loaf, lasagna, cakes and so forth.

For example, many of the women would bring their own aprons from home. No more. Now it’s all latex gloves, throw-away aprons, and a ban on food servers even entering the kitchen. In short, more institutional cafeteria than Grandma’s house.

In the 26 years this kitchen has been open, there seems to be no case of food poisoning.

Read the whole thing. You can never be too safe I guess. Have a lovely day.

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  1. Michael says:

    Just more evidence that my mom really was trying to kill me by forcing me to eat unregulated spinach. Why couldn’t I just eat pizza and ketchup instead?

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