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My bet is that the movie theater lobby is behind this stupidity. Any other ideas out there?

HT to Julia R for brightening my day!

2 Responses to “Who Are the Bootleggers Here?”

  1. Harry says:

    It’s the Quaker Movie Theater Owners Association that pushed that law through in 1970, after Atari introduced Pong.

  2. Maybe I am missing some obvious humor here, but if anything, it would be the video game parlors themselves wanting to limit machines in movie theaters, laundromats, etc., to minimize competition. Often, too, such laws come from puritans with only a moral claim and no financial interests. We saw this in Fowlerville, Michigan, (pop 3000) back in the ’80s. They were afraid of juvenile delinquency. In fact the town blew an air raid siren at 10:00 PM to announce the curfew. Just to say, without direct research, I would not guess who wanted this law.

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