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The Story of Broke

An old acquaintance of mine responds to Annie Leonard (creator of the very bad Story of Stuff).

I’m not chiming in on the particulars. It is pretty clear to me that responding second to videos like this, like the Story of Stuff, like Capitalism a Love Story and the dozens and dozens of other hack jobs is not getting anyone anywhere. It is also pretty clear to me that had Art put this together first, it would still not have nearly the influence of Ms. Leonard’s pieces.

On a related note, does anyone know how these videos are made? If I had some reasonable knowledge of how to do it, I would seriously dedicate a lot a time to making them – if for the only reason that I think they could aid in my teaching.

3 Responses to “The Story of Broke”

  1. Harry says:

    Wintercow, contact my daughter. She has a studio set up in her big office. If you need the addy, ask.

  2. Harry says:

    Boy, what a great video. If it were a lecture you would have to pause it every three seconds to take notes. I am not sure such technology would be good in the hands of Rizzo, who would organize and condense his lectures into YouTube videos, only he could dispatch his overworked TA’s to do the pausing and make sure everyone took notes.

    My daughter told me you need a big Mackintosh workstation to do this right. You cannot do it on an IPhone. The $14,000 the university spent on that solar picnic table would probably buy six, with all the bells and whistles. Maybe one could go to you and the other to Steve Landsberg. Coyote probably already has one.

  3. I agree with nearly all of the video. Though, I am not convinced that funding pure science research is a bad idea. I mean funding research to the effect funding a chemist to do research on plastics before plastic was invented etc.

    The question that needs to be asked is would it be funded more efficiently through private means?

    I am not sure if this question specifically about scientific research has been carefully studied. I would love to see some papers on this subject.

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