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Holy Gosh, I really now know we have entered a Brave New World. Here is now what the free-market in energy and transportation is all about (sorry Msrs. Friedman and Hayek for have done such a poor job …):

Let’s open our market to good old American competition. Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman stressed that the foremost economic duty of government is to eliminate cartel pricing. Bills are now pending in both houses of the Congress (HR 1687 and S1603) that seek to do exactly that by requiring car makers to enable fuel competition in their own product lines—adding flex-fuel, all electric, hybrid electric, or any other way auto makers choose to implement the law.

Thanks to the windfall discovery of incalculable quantities of unconventional gas in our country, we can do this. If Congress acts, we can finally establish energy independence through competition.

3 Responses to “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    I love the title, I couldn’t even get beyond that.

    “A Flex-Fuel Mandate Is Pro-Market”

    Is that the most Bizarro-World Quote you’ve ever seen, or what?! 😉

  2. Harry says:

    I have read a lot of Hayek and Friedman, relatively speaking, but would not count myself as an expert, especially relative to Wintercow. However, it comes as a complete surprise that cartel pricing was foremost in their minds when thinking about the proper role of the state. They probably did a few hundred revolutions in their graves at the prospect of the government designing cars.

    My question is, will the government design a car with enough room in the trunk for two sets of golf clubs, two forty-pound suitcases, and five boxes of miscellaneous items? Barbara Boxer has this on her drawing board.

  3. Harry says:

    And it is so complicated. Can you imagine the visionaries from GM, the ones selling and making the Volt, designing a car that can be filled up with compressed methane? The tank will go on the top of the car, with propellers to run the pump. Then, when methane car collides with a Volt, the fire extinguishers will come out to spray a big cloud of carbon dioxide, and the air bags will deploy, which the insurance companies will cover.

    Right now I am reading Bastiat selected essays, the present one linking protectionism with communism. Back in 1848, essayists did not pull their punches. I wish I had the talent to read it in French, and I wish I knew more history, especially about why all those people got on the ship to come here.

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