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What’s problematic with this story?

8 Responses to “Extra Credit Opportunity”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    >> “What’s problematic with this story?”

    Off the top of my head … the hubris of claiming to know what will happen with certainty in 40 years, when we couldn’t reliably predict two years into the future?

  2. Speedmaster says:

    And I don’t even have the energy to dissect this business. 😉

    “The EPA’s new regulations on mercury, for instance, will reduce U.S. particulate pollution, as coal plants install new scrubbers. That, the agency estimates, will save an estimated 11,000 lives per year by 2016 and deliver between $36 billion to $89 billion per year in health benefits. And all for a cost of $9.6 billion per year.”

  3. Rod says:

    Just for starters, who knows what health care costs are going to be under socialized medicine? $9.6 billion for what? And is that in constant dollars or does that factoid come from a reporter’s Excel spreadsheet? How many billione Lira will it take to buy The Pottstown Mercury? Maybe that’s what they’re talking about, newspaper Mercury, as in bird cage liner.

    I actually watched the Doomsday Bunkers show on the cable last night, with interest (my own, not interest on an investment). Build your bunker on higher ground, so it does not flood and get your ammo and freeze dried food wet.

  4. chuck martel says:

    Practically all air pollution problems are concentrated in small areas with terrain features that trap particulates. San Bernardino, CA and Fairbanks, AK are classic examples. In the case of San Bernardino, the county has forbidden the use of liquid charcoal starter because the product of its evaporation contributes to air pollution. However, San Bernardino County is larger than several states and towns far away from the hazy county seat, like Barstow in the windy high desert, are prohibited from using liquid charcoal starter as well.

  5. Harry says:

    What is wrong here is that this appears as a news story in the Washington Post. A flack presents an OECD press release without editorial intervention.

  6. mark says:

    well they are certainly ignoring the gains made in energy efficiency with increases in economic growth and improvements in technology. The world is going to be so rich and energy efficient in 2050, i can’t wait!

  7. Rod says:

    I like to start my charcoal fire with old gasoline, just the way the cave men did. (“But we asked you to get a Bud light!”)

  8. tyler says:

    They fail to mention that as each decade goes by, new drugs come out that make people live longer and longer. Children now live longer then there parents, and their children are going to live longer than them. So it is very difficult to calculate the costs of something 38 years from now.

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