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I have in mind some good that you cannot take with you when you transfer from place to place. This is true whether you move from place to place for selfish reasons, noble reasons, family reasons, or any reason whatsoever. I am not talking about health insurance of course, but your college education. When you obtain knowledge and you learn from online courses, parents, clergy, and beyond, it is certainly yours – you earned it. But very few institutions of higher education will recognize it. And this is a problem, no? In order to remedy this problem I look forward to the passage of the “Affordable Education Act” which requires all educational institutions to accept all comers regardless of pre-existing conditions, and requires all educational institutions to accept credits from any other institution or agency regardless of how it was obtained.

How do you think that would fly? Could anyone reasonably object to this proposal and not its more famous sister legislation?

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  1. Harry says:

    Boy, you are so right.

    Before I add a couple of sentences, I thought you were going to talk about immortality.

    But, yes, I drove to the bank, which tales me by the St. Philip Neri school, which now survives, I think, as a kindergarten and pre-K school. Their other parochial school, in a different location, closed this past year.

    It is sad when venerable schools close, especially this one which had a long history of making literate children, which is an accomplishment.

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