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According to one survey, over half of college students surveyed believed they can detect someone with an STD … just by looking at them.

In other news: calls for RE-regulating the airline industry are rearing their ugly head. Might I offer the possibility that further de-regulation may be helpful? Or perhaps that maybe there should be a negative cost to living in particular places. I have to make several connections to get anywhere from Rochester. I think that is quite appropriate.

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  1. Harry says:

    No comments? Both sides of the Sandra Fluck controversy may be checking their premises and persons.

    As far as airline deregulation goes, some things got deregulated, but the Department of Transportation, Labor, Justice, and other departments, plus congress have had their grubby fingers all over the airline industry forever. There used to be joint fares from places like Rochester or Allentown to Dallas, for example, with connections on different carriers, something airlines might do today if the antitrust folks were not so afraid that the Koch brothers or Carl Ichan might exert monopolistic power. Had there been zero regulation (with the exception of requiring safe operating standards), the whole industry would not be the basket case it is. It has not helped the industry that the government has screwed up energy markets, either.

    If Chuck Schumer lived in Rochester (Where’s Rochester?) you would have at least two convenient flights per day to Reagan National, and winter flights direct to south Florida.

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