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It took me a full 24 hours to realize that yesterday was Loyalty Day. What part of this wins the “Gaggalicious” thought of the day award? My vote: “On Loyalty Day, we rededicate ourselves to the common good, to the cornerstones of liberty, equality, and justice, and to the unending pursuit of a more perfect Union.”

What, by the way, is the 4th of July all about, or Constitution Day? Or Flag Day?

Here’s a yackalicious thought: another piece of happy news is that almost anything you want is to be found on the internet. For those of you really in the mood to be happy, enjoy the following speech. I expect to see it resurrected in a few months.

4 Responses to “Happy News of the Day”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    About as Orwellian as it gets, planning to post on that tomorrow.

  2. Harry says:

    May 1 is also law day, a happy day for we who celebrate the rule of law. Nobody is allowed for a day to get cynical over lawyers, OK?

    Well, now it is May 2, and we breathe a sigh before the lawyers get in our face.

    Speedmaster always manages to bring a smile, this being Happy Week.

  3. […] you can stomach the entire thing. We most certainly live in Orwellian times. Glad to see I’m not alone. Presidential Proclamation — Loyalty Day, 2012 – The White House: In order to recognize […]

  4. Harry says:

    Somebody cooked this one up for Obama. He is too young to write in the vernacular of The Socialist Worker: We must all work for the common good — the inevitable victory of socialism over the capitalist swine in America’s imperialistic circus. Too bad we do not have a debate about that.

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