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Weekend Pondering

… if only the “market” for pharmaceuticals worked as well as the market for recreational drugs …

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  1. Harry says:

    Not wanting to imply that the concept of market failure exists, for at least twenty years, starting with Dave Kessler, a GHWB appointee, and accelerating through Hillarycare, there has been a steady assault on the ethical drug industry. They have often been denounced as profiteers in the manner of Marx, Lenin, and Mao. Anybody who denies this has not invested his own money in 200 shares of Merck.

    I am not sure whether WC had this in mind when he asked his question. None of us would quarrel with regulating pill sellers to make their pills safe, and requiring medical supervision over the use of many drugs that might be harmful to the unwitting. Yet the FDA demands expensive double-blind studies for efficacy, just in case a drug company might be selling a placebo less harmful than snake oil, in fear that it may appear on the state formulary, and just in case somebody does not profit undeservedly.

    Forget about the assorted cartels selling poison and murdering whoever they wish. Why does not the FDA concern itself with bad movies, where many waste $8 plus popcorn? Let’s send two bucks (taxes, of course), one dollar to all the doctors, and one dollar to approved drug companies? Yes, that is a stupid idea, too, but since when did the FDA say stupid ideas were a bad thing, as long as we get to equality?

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