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Here I am sitting in Wegmans in Penfield, NY:

I want to thank PJ Hill for reminding me of something. As I look down at the customers here, I see quite a few affluent people. There is a lady below me ordering what looks like a $100 cake and I just saw someone walk out with a cart full of King Crab legs that had to cost well over $500. As I sit here and watch each wealthy person walk by, I do not tremble in fear. Will they buy all of the King Crab from me? Will they clear the shelves of coffee so that I am doomed to a perpetual headache? 

Now compare my reaction if these very same people walked into the halls of Albany or Washington, DC? If inequality is something you care about, and I grant that it might be reasonable to do so, then where, exactly, should we be most scared? What can we learn from this little exercise?

3 Responses to “Wegmans versus Washington, DC”

  1. In your own home?  Those affluent people may be the same ones voting away your private property through increased taxes and regulations without ever going to DC or Albany.

  2. Brent says:

    That we are doomed?

  3. Brian says:

    Is there any actual check on the Government’s desire to grow short of eventual collapse when the parasite kills the host?

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