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Here is but one reason I absolutely deplored living in Western Massachusetts.

My parents live here so I have to show up every once in a while. But per usual when I was driving in RT7 near downtown on the old circle there were the usual people with signs. The signs were familiar this time: “Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice.”

These signs as well as all of those Peace bumper stickers make me ill. What? Have I no heart or soul? Quite the contrary. The sanctimony embedded in these messages reeks. What they imply of course is that the rest of us want fighting and injustice?

Next time you see one of these I encourage you to ask if they can define justice. Next time you see one of those ask them if they think you are a deathmonger.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    And I wonder how many of them voted in 2008 (and are sure to again in 2012) for a guy who has continued a few wars, started a few more, and been a disaster for civil liberties? P.S. Gitmo is still open.

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