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I agree completely with Munger here:

Why do I care about this? Well, I want to question the idea that the economy is helping (or at least not hurting)Obama. I want to question the assertion that campaigns don’t matter because the economy is everything.

BHO is going to win in November DESPITE the economy, largely because Romney is a terrible candidate who is running an undisciplined, juvenile, brain-damaged campaign.

And that matters.

Professor Munger will be coming for a visit to Rochester in November. All will be invited.

2 Responses to “Adults Prefer Cheese Too”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Wow, big MM fan here, almost fanboy. I need to be at that event. 😉

  2. Harry says:

    While I disagree with professor Munger’s political analysis, I have been a fan too.

    He is a champion of free trade and economic freedom far more learned than I.

    He was instrumental in creating the Euro, repairing the tracks of the negative railroad.

    When all that happened, one question I had was what would happen with the sovereign cheaters, and I am sure Munger had considered that. Maybe you can ask him about that.

    Now that the future of the Euro is in doubt, there is another speculation I have about the dollar and the Euro — that the reason why the Euro is approx. $1.26 and not $1 is that we all are inflating our fiat currencies to a farethewell. I would not expect that anyone has a confident prediction of the future of the dollar, but if Munger has not addressed the problem in his lecture already, I am sure he can illuminate the subject further.

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