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Weekend Ponderance

Is any company “allowed” to have “above-average” profits? Is any individual permitted to earn “above-average” incomes? Maybe we need to start teaching post-modern math in government schools?

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  1. Harry says:

    My wife still teaches as a sub in high school for the math and science teachers. The same school system taught my daughter, who at an early age was steeped in math facts. (I have great admiration for math teachers, who possess skills beyond my ken.)

    She happened to teach a sorry group the other day some elementary algebra. (I can remember solving word problems without algebra, and for me it was an epiphany.) I suggested that these kids, who are allowed calculators, do not know enough addition, subtraction, and times tables to have enough basis for mathematical insight.

    Since WC is in my opinion a math expert, and since he has children entering school soon, I can appreciate his sincerity about post-modern statistical ideas and paradoxes.

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