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I’ve not written a thing about my early life as a football player. It definitely meant a lot to me. In any case, my brother Paul’s oldest son Nick has been lighting it up in the CHSFL out in Long Island. Last week he scored 4 touchdowns with over 200 yards receiving. This week another 200+ yard receiving effort and another TD to boot. I miss those days.

3 Responses to “Living Vicariously Through My Nephew”

  1. Harry says:

    This guy plays on a level field, Speedmaster. The punt returners at Amherst, especially the physics guys, timed their zigs and zags with intuition, knowing inherent problems with factoring in what a Williams tackle might do. This is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

  2. Speedmaster says:

    Hehe. 😉

    What strikes me as especially impressive, is that a WR can do this at the high school level. The WR is very dependent on having a good QB, and really good ones are rare at that level.

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