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I signed up to get news from the State Senate Candidate canvassers that stopped by last week. In today’s email I learn:

 Interning for _________  Campaign for State Senate will be an exciting and educational experience. Wealthy special interests have spent millions of dollars telling lies about New York State Senate candidate ______, because they know that if _____ gets to Albany, he’s going to fight for us on the issues that matter most: a higher minimum wage, equal pay for women in the workplace, and tax breaks for small businesses that hire local workers –

Hmmm – fighting for a higher minimum wage, and then asking for tax breaks for small businesses that hire local workers … and pay them these higher minimum wages. So let me get this straight. We want to help small businesses, so we increase the wage demands on them, because these are precisely the kinds of businesses that can only afford to pay minimum wages. Then we want to give these small businesses tax breaks. That sounds a lot like punching a kid in the face and then offering him an icepack. Except in this case, the icepack is coming from everyone of us.

Oh, and then there’s this gem:

_____ understands the needs of middle class families and will continue fighting for us as our State Senator.

So, the lower class and upper class can expect ____ to not fight for them? Finally there is a flourish about the Koch’s, which of course, is I think a requirement in political advertising these days:

 Don’t let these out-of-state groups funded by notorious right-wing money men like the Koch Brothers buy the 55th District’s State Senate seat

Notorious right-wing money men! I love that phrase. I wonder why the Kochs care so much about a Monroe County state senate race?

2 Responses to “An Educational Experience Indeed!”

  1. Harry says:

    I thought the Koch brothers used up their New York budget buying Wintercow.

    I wonder about the people who dreamed up that fill-in-the-name script/form letter. It insults the reader, assuming that Jack T. Ripper or Vlad T. Impaler will work for middle-class working men and women, etc. Do they think everybody, including recruits to their cause, are stupid?

  2. chuck martel says:

    The sacred “middle class”, to which almost everyone belongs. Who admits, after all, to being “low class”? Or upper class? Then there’s the ancillary “working class”, as opposed to the non-working class, or maybe leisure class. Of course the interests of the middle class will be protected by the political class, made up of “public servants”, whose devotion to servitude is demonstrated by expensive election campaigns.

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