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I Have a Plan …

…  to increase America’s “dependence” on foreign chemicals, minerals and pharmaceuticals.

Seriously, that’s a tautological statement when paired with, “I have a plan for American energy independence …” Now you may want to argue that there are all kinds of national security reasons for wanting a country to be self-sufficient in energy. But becoming self-sufficient in producing energy means that we have to become LESS self-sufficient in producing something else. That is, of course, unless you believe in unicorns – which might actually be the case if you are a politician.

But since unicorns do not exist, pouring resources (even smartly) into energy in America means fewer resources into mining for minerals, developing drugs and making chemicals. And if we want those things, then all “energy independence” means is that we’d like to trade one kind of foreign dependence for another. I don’t think the following campaign slogan would sell well: “I have a plan to increase our dependence on Finland to get our vaccines!” But one implies the other. Necessarily.

4 Responses to “I Have a Plan …”

  1. Harry says:

    Would that readers go to the Bastiat link in your previous post, and explore other essays on free trade.

    One of the most annoying thing about talk of energy independence is that it does not distinguish between our friends and our enemies. At the U of R, given its proximity to Canada, what is the matter with buying oil and gas from them?

  2. Harry says:

    WC, do I hear a reference to Mitt Romney, calling for North American energy independence?

    Wintercow knows I am a free-trader, and also knows I would never advocate any break in the tracks from Lyon to Paris.

    But Mr. Obama wishes us to become energy-independent from electric cars powered by miracle batteries fired by solar panels. Right now he has an allowance of $80 billion a month of fiat money, buying ten-year Treasurys at high prices, sort of like tearing up the floorboards to stoke the fire of the steamship of state. Now is not the time to be picky about Mitt Romney saying that we ought to develop our resources, and not beggar our Canadian neighbors.

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